About Futaleufú



Futaleufú, whose name in the native Mapuche language means “big river”, is a small, low-altitude village located in the middle of the southern Andes .   While situated only 349 meters above sea level, Futaleufú is still surrounded by beautiful snow-capped peaks, many still unexplored.

Founded by colonists from Argentina and central Chile in 1949, Futaleufú developed historically as an agricultural area but today it is gaining fame as one of the more sought after adventure travel destinations by domestic and foreign athletes.

Despite the remoteness and the difficult access, Futaleufú is visited by an increasing number of adventurers each year; who, upon returning to their city or country, are amazed at the almost untouched environment, the friendliness of its people and the knowledge that a more simple life is possible.


Futaleufú offers the following services:

- Health services:  A basic hospital, where, if necessary, the visitor will be well served by a fully trained and well qualified medical team.  When the need arises, the Futaleufú hospital, which operates within the greater Reloncavi Health Service network, has access to emergency air and ground transportation services which can transport patients to Puerto Montt.

- Communication:  Cyber ​​cafes and telephone call centers where visitors can make calls and access the internet. Within the urban zone, which extends about 5 km from Futaleufú, there is mobile cell-network coverage from the following companies:  Entel / MOVISTAR / Claro.

- Postal Service:  Futaleufú has a small post office where correspondence and packages can be received and shipped once a week.

- Restaurants:  Various kinds, from elegant dining to fast food, depending on the tastes of the traveler.  They all usually service both lunch and dinner during the summer season (December to March).

- Police: The Carabineros de Chile in Futaleufú have two police stations, one  station is located on the main square and another a few meters distant from the international border crossing. The Gendarmes de Chile also maintains an office in the community.

- Fire Department: The Futaleufú volunteer fire department has a newly refurbished fire station and a new fleet of trucks. Their network of volunteers is always attentive to fires and emergencies within the village as well as in the rural sectors.

- Banking Services:  Banco Estado (State Bank) has a full service branch office located on the central plaza of Futaleufú.  There you will find an automatic teller machine (ATM) which accepts MASTER CARD ONLY,  not Visa.

Miscellaneous Services:  A visitor will also find several tire repair and auto mechanic shops, Laundromats as well as a Civil Registry Office, notary and court.


Please note, Futaleufú lacks some basic services that may well result in some complicated and inconvenient situations for visitors if they arrive not properly prepared.

The following services do not exist in Futaleufú:

LIMITED SERVICE AUTOMATIC TELLER:   Banco Estado has an ATM that accepts only MasterCard.

RETAIL PHARMACY:  The only source of medicine in Futaleufú is the hospital.