About la Gringa


Born in Cape Town, South Africa and after much wandering, Adriana came to the small town of Futaleufu in the summer of 2004 to work as a massage therapist for a rafting and adventure travel company.

After several years as manager of H2O Patagonia, an opportunity to follow an independent vision arose, and so she acquired Posada La Gringa, founded in 1991 by another “gringa”:  Ms Lucia Harismendy, a descendant of native Germans who settled in Valdivia.

And so, in the year 2011, Hostal La Gringa Carioca was born in a little corner of Chilean Patagonia.

We love meeting people from different parts of the world, to share a pleasant moment, a chat, retelling our life experiences and showing our guests that a simpler life is possible.

We welcome all of our guests to our bed and breakfast with  joy and hospitality in hopes of sharing the amazing experience of living life in Chilean Patagonia.