Fly Fishing


The Patagonia region is a world renowned fly fishing destination, both on the Chilean and Argentine side of the Andes Mountains and little village of Futaleufú stands at a gateway between these two worlds.

La Gringa Carioca Hostal is the perfect stopover destination for fly fishers journeying through the region.  Within a short drive of the bed and breakfast fly fishers can access the Espolon River, and the Upper “Limite” and the Las Escalas sections of the Futaleufú River.  A twenty five kilometer drive south of the Hostel is the confluence of the Futaleufú and Azul rivers with the fish rich waters of Lago Yelcho sixty five kilometers further down the same road.

The Futaleufú River is renowned for its brown and rainbow trout, with brook trout populating the colder Azul River. There are also seasonal runs of sea run brown, king, coho and Atlantic salmon.

If you are just travelling through, or wanting to stay awhile to fish our waters, La Gringa Carioca Hostal offers all of the comfort and amenities associated with an upscale fly fishing lodge. We also have contacts in the fly fishing community to set you up with a local guide or get you restocked with flies, streamers and other necessities.

If you are planning a fly fishing “safari style” fishing trip, keep in mind that the Chile – Argentina border is closed at night, from about 8:00pm to 8:00am. It is not uncommon for fly fishers on a safari to stop on one side of the border or the other before or after the crossing, making La Gringa Carioca Hostal an ideal sojourn location.

Sport fishing in our region of Chile is strictly catch and release.