Horseback Riding


The history of Futaleufú is centered around the horse, and not too many years ago, when La Gringa Carioca Hostel was first constructed, it was more common to see horses than cars in the village. These days horses are mostly confined to the ranches but the culture of the region is still very much equestrian.

Horseback riding in the Futaleufú Valley offers visitors not only the chance to experience the countryside but also a different kind of riding style than they are normally accustomed. Chile has its own unique style of saddles and tack that are specifically designed for riding in the mountains.

The type of horse used by the local huasos is also unique to Chile. The Chilean Corralero horse has its origins in Spain and it originally arrived in South America with the Conquistadors, Francisco Pizarro, Pedro de Valdivia.  North American riders are often amazed by the agility of this breed and its ability to transport large loads without tiring.

Each year, in February, Futaleufú hosts a regional rodeo in in the medialuna (half moon) that is attended by most of the town.  The Chilean rodeo is very different from those typically scene in the United States, with an emphasis more on horsemanship and guiding cattle.

For those interested in horseback riding in Futaleufú it is important to make reservations in advance. Often the horses and guides need to be recalled from the countryside and are not immediately available for guests.  If you want to go horseback riding in advance please let us know and La Gringa Carioca Hostal will try to make reservations for you with a qualified guide.