Rafting y Kayak


Hostal La Gringa Carioca welcomes lovers of rafting, kayaking and other sports enthusiasts and whitewater river. Let our facilities serve as your base camp for all white water activities on offer in the Futaleufu River basin.

We are only a few blocks walk from most major suppliers rafting and kayaking in the town of Futaleufu and have a long history and tradition of working with them.

For after an adventurous day on the river back, relax and unwind with other whitewater enthusiasts Gringa Carioca Hostel.

Futaleufu River Rafting

Widely known for its white water, the Futaleufu River has earned its reputation in recent years as one of the greatest rafting rivers in the world.

The categories or levels of skill in the Futaleufu River vary from Class II to Class V, depending on the section of river you decide to paddle.

Most start with the deck to famous bridge (Class IV) to gradually progressing difficulty. The most demanding section of the Futaleufu River is Hells Canyon (Class V), located on the outskirts of the city.

To book a trip you can walk downtown, or if you prefer staff Hostal La Gringa Carioca can help you reserve a space in advance.

Ram River Rafting (Class II-III)

If the Futaleufu is too intimidating, or are traveling with children, Jetty and Blue rivers offer practical and exciting alternative for all ages. The Ram River is classified as Class II-III and is located on the outskirts of the city. The Blue River is a class III-IV and located in the center of the valley, and is also navigable, but less frequently.


White Water Kayak

Hostal La Gringa Carioca is ideally located to serve as a base camp for whitewater kayakers location.

Offer a more unique experience than a traditional camping accommodation area. After paddling you can return to a comfortable dry bed and breakfast and not have to worry about anything except the section of the river for the next day.

Hostal La Gringa Carioca is also a great place for beginner kayakers where they can fully concentrate on instruction during the day and enjoy all the comforts of home when out of the river.

If you are traveling with your kayak Hostal La Gringa Carioca has ample space to park your vehicle safely store your boat and your equipment dry.

If you are coming to Futaleufu kayak without equipment or vehicle, we can help you find and organize your trip and activities. If you need equipment for whitewater rafting in Futaleufu, it is important to contact equipment suppliers as soon as possible to check availability. We can also help you find a kayak instructor and river guide.