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Getting to La Gringa Carioca Hostel: There are a number of ways to get to La Gringa Carioca Hostal from both Chile and Argentina.  Our nearest large towns with connecting transport services are Puerto Montt and Chaiten in Chile and Esquel in Argentina.  Both Esquel and Puerto Montt are accessible by jet from the capital cities of Santiago and Buenos Aires.  Although getting to Futaleufú might seem a bit daunting at first, keep in mind that it is worth the effort, as it is our geographic isolation which has kept Patagonia so undiscovered and pristine.

Getting to Futaleufú




From the South via Chaiten

All terrestrial traffic arrives in Futaleufu via Route 231 from the south.  There is daily bus service between Futaleufú and Chaiten (3 hrs), sometimes twice a day, provided by two companies:  Buses Cardenas and Cumbres Nevadas.   More info: here

From the South via La Junta

From La Junta follow the Carretera Austral (Route 7) north to Route 231. Twice a week there is bus service between Coyhaique and Futaleufú (10 hrs), via La Junta provided by Trans Austral and Daniela.  More info: here

From the North via Argentina

From Esquel, Argentina follow Route 259 through the town of Trevelin to Futaleufú.  There is almost daily bus service between Futaleufú and Puerto Montt (10 hrs), via Bariloche and Osorno provided by three companies: TransAustral, Feryval and Lago Espolon.  More info: here

For those wishing to use Argentina bus services, there is also almost daily bus service between the Futaleufú border and Esquel via Trevelin provided by Jacobsen Buses.   Esquel info: here

It is also possible to contract a private taxi between Esquel and the Futaleufú border where you can be picked up on the Chilean side by someone from our bed and breakfast.

Getting to Chaiten

By Air:

From Puerto Montt to Chaiten from airports El Tepual or La Paloma (45 min.).  When coming from Santiago you will land at the El Tepual International Airport and have to transfer to the smaller La Paloma Aerodrome.  After arriving in Chaiten you will be able to connect via public bus to Futaleufú.  It is also possible to hire a private charter from Puerto Montt directly to the aerodrome in Futaleufú (2 hrs). Service is usually daily in the summer months.  There are two air transport companies that service Chaiten:  Pewen and Aerocord. More info: here

By Sea:

From Puerto Montt to Chaiten by ferry (8-12 hrs).  Chaiten is serviced six days a week by the Naviera Austral Company.  The ferry normally departs Puerto Montt around midnight and arrives in Chaiten in the morning. It travels back to Puerto Montt during the day.  There is usually no service on Thursdays.  For passengers, the Don Baldo is more comfortable than the Pincoya  (landing craft style barge).  More info: here

By Land:

Puerto Montt and Chaiten are interconnected via the Bi-Modal Highway (Route 7), which involves 2-3 ferry crossings of the various fjords and estuaries.  There is daily bus service between the Puerto Montt and Chaiten  (11 hours) along this road.  The bus to Chaiten usually departs Puerto Montt about 7:00am and the return trip departs Chaiten around 12:00pm. Passengers arriving in Chaiten will be able to connect with one of the public buses going to Futaleufú and vice versa.  This route is served by the Kemel Bus Company. More info: here

Getting to Esquel:

Esquel has an international airport which operates flights between Buenos Aires and Esquel about 4 days a week.  Esquel is also connected by daily bus service with Bariloche, Argentina.  Travelling to and from Futaleufú via Esquel offers travelers the most flexibility but with the added the hassle of making more bus and airline connections.  Esquel info: here

Please feel free to contact the staff of La Gringa Carioca Hostel for travel advice or to help to help you with making travel reservations if you need it. We are here to serve you!