Zipline & Canyoning


Zipline Adventures

If you are looking for an adventure suitable for the entire family, a zipline adventure can’t be beat. Called “canopy” in Chile, the zipline is set up between and over the tops of trees in five different sections through a cypress and coihue forest.  It is an exciting way to explore the flora and fauna of Futaleufú and just minutes away from La Gringa Carioca Hostal.


If you are looking for something a little more adventurous you can try a 4-5 hour canyonineering tour of the Gelvez Canyon located just outside of town. Through a combination of hiking scrambling and rappelling you will ascend and descend a narrow gorge with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls, and spectacular waterfalls.  This is a great option when you want to take a rest day from the river and will be just as memorable.  Visit the zipline company here: Somos Patagonia